All rewards as of lately

Before the release of 6 stars top 3 were getting 5 stars for fact event rewards.
On one of last fact lvl up before ascension rewards were
Med drop Connie
HoT Rick
Vincent(who is now Ascendable)
Why are the rewards decreasing in value?
Please Anyone that reads this don’t post anything but
@kalishane ???
Maybe a bunch of tags will get a response


Uh Vincent was never a prize


There were 3 or 4 faction events that had 5*’s before 6*’s were introduced. 3 were leading into the introduction of 6*’s and 1 was an error. This has been discussed. For the vast majority of the 5* era it was 4*’s for faction events so 5*’s in the 6* era makes sense.

Yea he was and no one reads the post

Just like Shane was a third place prize in war. But again all I asked was for this.

Sorry, agreed. We had this discussion before and were talking about raids and level ups. War is a faction event true enough.

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no, he wasn’t. but ok

Even if you’re right…
None of you read the post. All with comments and it’s no wonder why scopley gives us the shaft. We can’t even help each other out without some worthless comment


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