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Hey @kalishane @Shawn.Scopely and @Agrajag any way you all could get him put in ascendance pool from 4 stars? Or in the 5 star tokens wheel? He is needed for 2 collections and the only way to get him seems to be from the 30 day pass crate. So he is essentially impossible to get and it’s impossible to complete those 2 collections. Thanks.


I managed to pull one of him. Trade you for the 5-star camouflage Michonne. Over a year and still waiting for her to pop. I really could use her for those stupid green stun walker stages in sr.

It would be nice to have everyone available multiple ways though. Rng is never kind with us.


I forgot he was a thing lmao hes pretty bad with that slow ar :joy:

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Nope, but isn’t that how the game works. Gives you like 3 or 4 of half a dozen toons while you never get the one you need or want?

A trading feature would be nice if they could figure out a way to do it without it being exploited. Since they can’t solve simple hacks like the s9+ teams sadly we will never get this as a feature.

Be nice if they had a trade in feature where you could send an unwanted 5* and get a random one back but once you get the new one you are stuck with that and and can’t trade.
Hell for 1 million wood I’d love to be able to “try again” when I pull a 5*


Same man Ive got him several times and 0 Camochonne and 0 1 shotty Andrea yet. Lol

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Hey, he’s also in the Traning Grounds so it’s really easy to get him, I
have 20… (Ironic Off) No, Seriously he’s just a small part of the Character
Problem. Another example is Green “Life and Death” Zeke. He’s in SD for
55k, Yeah I spent 55k Supply Points for a Toons who sucks, only for 2 collections.
Or the fact that useful and Great 4* Toons, like Eugene, Allen, Darcy or Eric are only
in the Worldmap, but useless Trash like 4* Red Eugene, who isen’t a use to anyone or
4* Blue Gregory is aviable everywhere.

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Yea he sucks I don’t want to use him, just want him for collections.

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He’s one of the rarer toons. You can get him from legendary training in the training grounds and from the 30 day pass crates, but that’s all. Keep on trying for him, and you’ll get him eventually!

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