All Out War 12.14.18 / Fri 4pm - Sun 10pm

Greetings Survivors,

Rally your Faction and prepare to fight in All Out War.
Factions will wage war to claim the Region’s supremacy! :zombie:


  • Starts: Friday 12/14 @ 4pm PT
  • Stops: Sunday 12/16 @ 10pm PT
  • Matchmaking: 8 vs 8
  • Map: Prison


  • Guard Tower East (1 :zap:)

All :tough: characters get +40% Attack when attacking.

  • Guard Tower South (1 :zap:)

All :fast: characters get +30% Attack when defending.

  • Guard Tower West (1 :zap:)

All :alert: characters get +30 Crit when attacking


Milestone Rewards 1 Reward 2 Reward 3
1000 2 Trainer Crates 2 Bronze Mods 20K Ascendance Medals
5000 2 Trainer Crates 2 50/50 Bronze/Silver Mods 30K Ascendance Medals
10000 3 Trainer Crates 2 Silver Mods 50K Ascendance Medals
50000 2 Epic Trainers 2 50/50 Silver/Gold Mods 75K Ascendance Medals
100000 2 Legendary Trainers 2 Gold Mods 100K Ascendance Medals


Rank Rewards 1 Reward 2
1 120 Winter Tokens 6 Universal Trainers 3 Gear Bags
2 100 Winter Tokens 4 Universal Trainers 2 Gear Bags
3 75 Winter Tokens 3 Universal Trainers 2 Gear Bags
4 60 Winter Tokens 2 Universal Trainers 1 Gear Bag
5 50 Winter Tokens 2 Universal Trainers 1 Gear Bag
6-10 40 Winter Tokens 2 Universal Trainers 1 Gear Bag
11-20 20 Winter Tokens 1 Universal Trainer 2 Gear Bags
21-30 2,000 5-Star Recruit Tokens 1 Trait Trainer Crate 1 Gear Bag
31-40 1,000 5-Star Recruit Tokens 1 Trait Trainer Crate 2 Gear Bags
41-50 500 5-Star Recruit Tokens 1 Trait Trainer Crate 1 Gear Bag

Looking forward to a dupe Aris from winter wheel.

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always one who has to complain


crying about a zero effort free pull lol, you get the weekend off 2-4 is where the battles will be

Nice amount of winter tokens. 4-10 will end up with 85 if they can claim all three museum collections. Hopefully everyone will get a pull. Good decision in my opinion.

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No 200k milestone? 4-10 gets 1/3 a pull lol. Hope the lower factions are leaping for joy, y’all wanted this


It’s better than them getting 5…


Yes, because 40 supply depot points are better than 5 depot points.


Stop being selfish and worry about the state of the game for everyone. 40 here, and 45 from museum collections with 27 days left (at least two more wars) gives a lot more players a chance to get a pull. Sure not everyone in these factions will be able to get all 45 but some will. And some is better than none.

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always one who has to complain about people who complain

What happened to the 200 k milestone @JB.Scopely

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They are only for CRW

I am worried about the state of the game which is why i press for BETTER REWARDS for lower ranks in CRW.


Are you @JB.Scopely?

Well yea… but obviously that is not a priority for them. We have been begging and begging and they are too stupid to realize why the prize structure in CRW makes no sense. So for now, even though I prefer crw, these prizes make more sense. I would 100 percent quit if I was warring for these tokens and not make a pull after numerous wars. Such a terrible decision by then to get a few players to spend for tokens.

At least everyone number one will get a pull instead of the handful number ones who take crw. In CRW the lowers you’re referring too would get even less. It’s all perspective :slight_smile:

And now, less milestones equal less prizes for all as well. Went from 3 sets of gps and canteens to looks to be zero

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I prefer crw like last time. I was able to t4 3 6* because of the canteens and GPS available.
Now we get gear bags that have watches and radios… awesome
Not to mention milestones have been lowered


Of cr w had better rewards i would be all for it. My fact is heavily is based and has been together since the game started. Our connection and friendships are more important than pixels, we trail off and qu e slows during the overnight hours. We typically have just a handful of losses as we are a legit team w stout defenses.we place in too 15th sheerly out of activity being low overnight, but get horrible rewards. if it was aow we would end up on top in at least 1-3 . The fact that there are more chefs in the kitchen during cr w should mean that rewards are distributed more evenly over a larger amount of places.