All Out War 01.18.19 / Fri 4pm - Sun 10pm

Greetings Survivors,

Rally your Faction and prepare to fight in All Out War.
Factions will wage war to claim the Region’s supremacy! :zombie:


  • Starts: Friday 01/18 @ 4pm PT
  • Stops: Sunday 01/20 @ 10pm PT
  • Matchmaking: 8 vs 8
  • Map: Alexandria


  • Mayor’s House (1 :zap:)

:strong: Team Member gain +30% DEF when defending camps

  • Armory (1 :zap:)

:tough: team members gain +40% DEF when defending camps

  • Watch Tower (1 :zap:)

:alert: team members gain +30% ATK when attacking camps and strongholds


Milestone Rewards 1 Reward 2 Reward 3
1000 2 Trainer Crates 2 Bronze Mods 20K Ascendance Medals
5000 2 Trainer Crates 2 50/50 Bronze/Silver Mods 30K Ascendance Medals
10000 3 Trainer Crates 2 Silver Mods 50K Ascendance Medals
50000 2 Epic Trainers 2 50/50 Silver/Gold Mods 75K Ascendance Medals
100000 2 Legendary Trainers 2 Gold Mods 100K Ascendance Medals
200000 8 Stash Tokens


Rank Rewards 1 Reward 2
1 45 Stash Tokens 6 Universal Trainers 3 Gear Bags
2 36 Stash Tokens 4 Universal Trainers 2 Gear Bags
3 32 Stash Tokens 3 Universal Trainers 2 Gear Bags
4 28 Stash Tokens 2 Universal Trainers 1 Gear Bag
5 26 Stash Tokens 2 Universal Trainers 1 Gear Bag
6-10 24 Stash Tokens 2 Universal Trainers 1 Gear Bag
11-20 20 Stash Tokens 1 Universal Trainer 2 Gear Bags
21-30 18 Stash Tokens 1 Trait Trainer Crate 1 Gear Bag
31-40 8 Stash Tokens 1 Trait Trainer Crate 2 Gear Bags
41-50 6 Stash Tokens 1 Trait Trainer Crate 1 Gear Bag

Thank you sir @JB.Scopely

what is in the stash?


Are these stash tokens for the sunflower stash @JB.Scopely?

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Ugh, please no more defensive towers!
Time-out teams are already such a pain in the ass. The best war I’ve been in was the 100% attack tower one, cause win or lose you’d be done in less than 15 minutes. Now it takes 20 to wait for that last asshole with the triple revive team that everyone is struggling to beat to finally die so everyone can move on.


Would be great if the towers made war more enjoyable/engaging rather than what has happened the last 4-5 wars which is made it more unenjoyable/boring.


Sunflower stash :slight_smile:

It’s been almost a minute since we have complained… pls cancel war and replace with level up, I speak for the whole community so please do it.


7 chars


Defence towers suck they just make the difference between factions even more noticeable all to get people to use more coins on repairs and more cans on wasted attacks does nothing but hinder fun…

Acendance medals are so plentyful on this game most people are just short legendary medals. If any these would make a much better reward!

And I would happy cancel war for a levelup as long as it’s solo and we get medals for it sad when war is offering less in rewards than levelups

Don’t bother answering me I know the crack… Keep on surviving lol


Those Eric / Gabe / Dante teams aren’t annoying enough? Gotta boost em with towers? Gonna be slow and boring, thx


I called these towers lol. /flex


I hope the stasg tokens part is a mistake

@JB.Scopely garbage. Second war in a row with only red attack tower. Makes no sense. Nobody wants battles to last 3 minutes.



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Made the towers specifically for Eric teams… Company is some f*n trolls :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


How many tokens is it going to take per open in the new stash though? Giving away 45 to first plus another 8 for top milestone in an AOW makes it seem like it’s gonna take a few. No way y’all are giving away 53 pulls from the stash unless it’s full of gear or something

wouldn’t you have the towers by then so they no longer have the def bonus?

They don’t have a defensive edge no, but you don’t have an offensive one either. Everyone has whale teams they simply cannot get through with their rosters. Unless they get a good offensive boost.

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