Greettings surrviors we feel like your not spending enough and we are very sad
That you wont pay for this game so we think it’s time to up the ante with all new ss class fighters
Thees powerful recruits
Well have stats roughly 15,000 + in each base stat and well weild powerful 5* weapons
They will need new gear which will be hard to get
Your probably wondering what one looks like so here is what the first official one looks like

Above is ss class donald who will be a powerful new damage toon with a all new specialist skill which will mean they cannot do any trait damage but we’ll do 250% more damage to any trait by any means of damage
He will also weild the powerful 5* ass destroyer which has a chance to aply a 2 turn infection to an enemy he will be released with the introduction of ss class
To help you know what to spend on for your ss class we have also released what gear is needed
T1 Bank statements and last wills
T2 Bank statements insurance policys and last wills
T3 national insurance number bank statements insurance policys and last wills
T4 national insurance number social security number insurance policys bank statements and last wills
note the amount of the new special gear will vary upon different ss class toons and individual buck… Players and instead of vet rings credit cards and wallets will. Be used instead

That’s all for now folks alll ss class will premium only including any gear needed and to further increase spending walking dead will cost 6.99 and all players prior to this will be charged as well refusal to pay this amount will only cause the amount to rise at 100% interest a day and any refusal after 3 months will lead to court action being taken and personal assets will be seized
Other than that
Keep on surviving


Methinks SS class wouldn’t be the most apt name to go


Yeah, Nazi Germany kinda ruined that combo for everyone. Thoughtless of them


If it ain’t SS Class Morty I’m not interested :rofl::rofl:


Unlikely heroes to force balance in the game :joy: