All my itens are gone in finish blitz war

Hi everyone
At the end of the blitz war the game went into maintenance and after that all my stuff was gone, zeroed, this and the sixth serious problem I want to face in 2 months.
the way and stay without my t4 characters.

updating !!!
disappeared more than 80 characters among them benedict, basil, brady and 3 * everybody singing, what is going on? Hahaha

Check your internet connection please

Yes, I did it but nothing changed.

now that I noticed my items were sold somehow, I have several points that I did not have before, now I just hope it can be reversed because I would sell the things I need even more without using the account at the moment because of the maintenance

@kalishane investigate this isssue please

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Looks as if your account was compromised in some way, maybe @kalishane, @Shawn.Scopely, @TheWalkerDude may have answers or point you in the right direction

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Do you use Bluestacks to play? There was (is?) an issue where if you use Bluestacks, another Bluestacks user can login to your account. They are then free to do anything they want.

In the old forums there was a guy who lost his whole roster and he had to retire.

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Yes, I started to use the bluestacks, but I ended up with the Facebook account and now I play on the cell phone, but the program was uninstalled and there was no data left by me.
I wanted a quick solution idea like a reboot, 1 day ago retauracao in case it would be the restore point for before the blitz war, I do not mind losing the points of war, and points of LORI 5 *.
this would be perfect for me.

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