All lvl 15 gold mods


Anyone else got toons in beta equpiped with a full set of gold maxed post below with the stats of the mods

Any here’s the stats of mine
+530 atk
+39% atk against strong
+30.5% defnse against alert
+69% confuse resist
+68% atk while impaired
Set bonus +650 defense



Nuff said


All buffs considered
Against greens
With a 50% atk buff from another toons rush
7160 atk


What the fk!?

This is going to change the game in so many ways.

Thanks for sharing tho, homie!


Change it alright, change it for the worse, you think it’s awesome facing op teams now with perfect weapons, wait till they all have perfect mods on top of it


Pay to win


These mods are really making me feel like it’s time to stop playing.
There isn’t enough patience to learn all this new stuff, then have to keep an eye out for it in raids (on top of having to control enemies AR/AS)
Scoply doesn’t play their on game in F2P style, otherwise they wouldn’t have broken the balance of the game so many times,
CRW just shows more and more how people are fed up/tired and this isn’t helping.
We even have a CM that’s clearly out of touch with the players/game.


Yea raid timers need to be increased


Mods are going to 100% kill the game for anyone who is not willing to spend and spend on rng bags to kit out all your toons with the right gold ones.

You won’t be able to hit these people in war or a raid and they will destroy your camp in no time flat. Also, imagine trying to get to 4200 against bots that are fully decked out. It’s going to go from 20-30 cans to 40-60 because you’re going to rack up loss after loss.

If you do not change these mods to more realistic percentages you will kill the game Scopely.

No more than a 25% buff. No more than an extra 100 to stats and eliminate the 650 insane bonus. How is someone who is f2p and has minimal bronze buffs supposed to compete with that? It’s impossible. If you think for one second that it will increase spending by the f2p your wrong. The f2p will just walk.


These mods go with all characters or just legendary


5* get one less slot, 4* two less slots from memory


Ok thx​:wink::wink:


Can you post your attack team lvl when dueling? Ive reached S6+ Im wonderin what the highest is?


How the tides have turned on shiva
BTW I think I’m ght be able to hit 3000 dmg stat on a Dwight so ya know if I get more golds just remeber anyone with Dwight or tyreese will mince you to shreds mods allow when 6* were first introduced in beta stats to be achieved


Have you checked your duels is s6+ highest?


Mods will surely kill the game already the game is so imbalanced, in the last CRW you could not even touch some of the matchups. Now the mid level players and below will just keep quitting including myself most likely. I don’t need another job that actually you have to pay to take part in :thinking: just want to play for fun…


Then thing is doe scopley could make profits the right way
Howany community created toons posts have you seen
If I was the ceo I’d be going let’s start making a contest for community toons
And implement some community ideas
Unfortunately mods are the route theyve gone
How am I meant to use taunt if. Ppl can mod their toons with more dmg when taunted because that’s suicidal especially at gold tier and they do more damage my toon can’t be tanky
I’ll levee probs when I get Kenny as a 6* t4 l 90
And if they ever make norma a 6* ill do that simply because respect to one of favorite rts tts who quit


I like challenging games…not Farmville games.


So many things could be done to make this game enjoyable again for so many and scopely would still make thier profit. Expanding the town, better rewards, merging regions. At this pace soon it will be nothing left but 1 region of whales spending a couple thousand each a month and scopely will shut it down.
If they made these basic improvements you would probably not only have the whales spending but also more f2p spending 20 here or 50 there. To me its ludicrous to austrasize the larger portion of your player base when they are potential spending customers.


There is no challenge to this game. Unless your definition of challenge is of a financial one.

It’s all about how much are you willing to spend to BUY the best team. That’s it. You can’t finish top 3 in a SR tournament unless you are willing to buy cans. Unless you can afford to pull for the op toons like Magna, Michonne, and Erika you are at a disadvantage and once these same people keep pulling until they have all the gold mods you will have ZERO chance to beat them if you are f2p. Guaranteed.