All I want to do is say something good


…but, I can’t.

For the first time in my gaming life, I can not comment on one good thing from a game I used to love.


@CombatMan @CombatDevIl @Agrajag

I think these two have made the most positive impact on the forums. They’ve shown the most devotion to making this place good.

Edit: Included Agrajag in the list. I believe he’s also a net positive for the forums.


I was expecting just a “something good” when I opened this thread…I’m disappointed


That’s how I feel after months of no communication from Scopely “LEADERSHIP.” In quotes, because I have not seen anyone LEAD.


2 out of how many? If Albert would come on here himself, that’d go a long way.


You could compliment my beard? I’m always down for some facial hair appreciation.


A positive thing I can say is that I will probably never spend a dime on any other phone game thanks to this company. So that makes me happy.