All I want for Christmas

Is for the list of old toons that are to be made ascendable to actually finally be made ascendable.

Specifically in my case Green “A Larger World” Glen who I bought from the depot in anticipation.

Plus I know a few who have been leveling Gator.

Here’s the list:

Aaron "March To War"
Connor "Something To Fear"
Lori "Days Gone By"
Siddiq "Call To Arms"
The Governor "The Calm Before"
Glenn "A Larger World"
Rick “Road to Survival” #2
Eugene "No Turning Back"
Joshua “Hardened Survivor”

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Already addressed, coming by “early 2018”

HE MEANS JUNE NEXT YEAR :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps the expectation could be “All I want for next year THANKSGIVING is…”

All I want for Christmas is an actual in-game gift. Grinding and farming for the chance to gamble on something… It’s just not in the spirit of Christmas.


Keep the faith. Christmas shiva day 12.