All blue team advice and (whale hunter group maybe)

As we all know 5* weapons have dropped and while you won’t see them most likely in use they’re will come a time probably bout 6 months (if rts even lasts that long ) where they could start to Bob their heads
This will also probably the start of all blue teams

Why all blue teams mystsrion my yellows will just yeet them?

Well while in trait damage that may be the case in terms of blue weapon specials it ain’t so much
Now while most people won’t have yet… Most whales may be trying for it later in or have it in the future in this scenario
Lets say you have a relly good yellow team
The enemy blue team
Has 1 guy with l4 Impair and elusive
With +5% bonus hp to 2 teamates for every blue teammate
And the other 4 l4 Impair and elusive and l4 daze the enemy if their are hit with a critical hit
Well… Your gonna have bad time
Because that team is gonna have people getting 50% bonus hp every turn and shut your ap gain down ouch
Your yellows are gonna struggle with that
Well luckily to help you out I have figured out some ways to help you

  1. If you can get him guos lead skill will massively help out as the 5% bonus hp weapon counts as healing reducing it to only 12.5% bonus hp as a s class massively helps as it is usually the first 3 turns your want to beat this kinda team t4 after wards will usually be all teamtes have bonus hp and are now semi immortal
  2. Remember that the l4 Impair and elusive can be disarmed… As it can only be equipped on slot 3 so disarm the charector before atking to prevent them gaining their elusive
    3.yellow teammates such as henygen may be needed with the 100% crit chance slot make sure you use the active ASAP if you need it as you will have to sacrifice it essentially if you want them to decap
  3. Bleed maim infection hemorrhage are great as they ensentially by pass the bonus hp
  4. It should be noted that it won’t be just all blue teams all red teams can be just as bad and melee comps have their own uses so get used to making multiple teams for different sceranarios instead of just having 2 atk teams

    Anyway aside from that long paragraph
    I may start a line group called whale huntersthe idea is to show scopley that we dont need money to beat whales but our wits… Help each other with roster advice and ovs beat some whales with our free harpoons arrggh
    I’ll explain the requirements if many are interested
    Just vote in the pole below vvv
  • Yes I’m in arrggh
  • No I’m not you scallywag

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When are these gods (whales) making an appearance? And how do we avoid them. Scopes come up with a avoiding whales option.

Click uninstall. That’s the only way I can see to avoid whales.

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Tried it. Turns out in world of Tanks they had a weekend tournament. Made tons of cash kicked serious sss and didn’t have to spend my whole allowance to not feel left out.

Six months? Tops teams will more then likely have full sets by crw only people that will have it quicker then them are cheaters

Doubt many will have that I accidentally clicked for a craft and it wanted like 500 for one attempt.

Vk is excluded I dont know their offers

Next war will see full sets of 5☆ weapons for sure. At this point i already have 18 5☆ weapons so im sure the whales will have much more by now

Promoted or fully done up… Because l4 trait specials are really low odds and a biach to get

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Hold up how you getting 18 5* weapons at 50k a pop or the terrible rng from the premiere.

Reading this made my head hurt.

But good luck to you if u want to help folkswho are mostly ftp ish
(I think thats what u said)

Got someone upset lol :grin: job well done

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