All about the money


With these new packages you are giving out people are spending a lot of money and they are getting extremely too powerful and I sent an issue when I was buying stuff I wasn’t getting everything I paid for so I stopped buying I have a S6 Plus battering ranked 147th and I can’t even beat someone with the 600 with an s-1 rating he is this issue I am very tempted to quit playing this game I’m sure you guys don’t care buy Here lot of chatter quite a few people talk in the same thing about quitting so yeah you can lot of mo
ney but you’re going to lose a lot of people playing that’s just my opinion of course


So u want them to stop selling stuff? Hmmm good luck with that


Youre mad cuz your team sucks so you want to prevent other people from buying stuff so you can just coast along?


… Punctuation please. That hurt to read.


No actually I got a good team that I worked my ass off for people with money gets too far ahead and it discourage other people for me complain that’s what I’m trying to say


Welcome to micro-transactions!


People with money … get too far ahead? Maybe u should get money too and get ahead. Leme guess your a teenager living at home with no money? If scopely didnt make money there would be no game. Would u make a game and hand everything out to ev1 for free? Just cuz it’s unfair to have to pay for what ya want? … hmm … go play outside… of course it’s about money.


Ummm, there are plenty of successful mobile games where players aren’t forking over thousands to the company lol


Maybe it’s just me but I play a game photo for fun and I rather build my characters by actually doing work that the easy way and spending money to make other people rich just for a stupid game that’s just me


Fun is subjective… everyone has different financial ability… if ya dont like it then go to the other games. Nothing here is gunna change. Better get used to it. Cry all u like tho… hasnt changed a thing… lol ppl been crying about spenders for years…

I spend … when I am havin fun. Lol… if someone spends more than me? All the power to them… not my business …


Plenty of companies that give their players stuff for mess ups. Not this one. Can’t get at F2P. This company is backwards.


Exactly! They act like a few tokens or a gold mod here and there is actually costing them money. Oh no we couldn’t dare give them a couple of pulls for free as the cost of making those pixels is too damn high!


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