Alice, The Melee Curb Stomper Video

The time for melee teams to get a wang dang slap in the face has come. Alice will supply the wang dangs for our team to beat em down. Let’s talk about her.

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Your steadfastness on a command to make her go round 2 is interesting

Mainly for human shields to have the same effect as Kate. Getting that perma attack buff asap I feel is a good call before turn 3 AR pops off. Any taunt or confuse CCs will be useless if the enemy has a command as well and pops one turn 2 such as a Shiva with AP When Attacking claws.

If the enemy has a command, i attack it, hopefully making said command want to AR his second turn. Meaning i can replace that command with an attacker to finish turn 3

I see you point, but i don’t see commands on defense but maybe 1 of 50 teams

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I don’t rush with Kate until turn 3 anyway. If you have a disarm, there is no need for her to rush any sooner than that. Start of turn 3, rush with Kate and then everyone else. It’s a turn 3 wipe



I think you are in higher competitive play than me. I saw quite a few this recent CRW but some of the heavy teams I noticed they didn’t run one now that you mention it.