Alice team comp

Need some help guys, Who combo is best for alice lead? Louis disarm and Alpha decap or Bruce Disarm and Sandy Decap? The team would comprise Of Alice lead, Dale and Gabriel

Bruce and Sandy, though with those 3 you could probably run double Gators and do just fine.


I think the best way to find would be to just experiment and see what works best. Any combination of those characters will likely destroy any melee teams.

Go easy mode throw a shield in there to deflect all the ap drain and green stuns!! Then you can go straight attack and not worry bout it!!

This is what I use. I like bruce over Loius because if disarm doesn’t proc, with bruce and a stun sword, there’s a chance to stun.


I can auto pretty much every team with this combo. Gabe is my favorite attack toon cause of his cleanse, keeps everyone ready to go. I got Sandy and am not sure who I am going to take out for her. Possibly Alpha. Love them all so much :cry:

Yes but how i look at is with Alpha she is more of a collateral damage dealer and Sandy is single burst with their Ar’s. How about if enemy runs two shields behind 2 revives.

How do you have Dales weapon modded? Im thinking putting Hp and def, doesnt realy need to pop early imo

I don’t think you need to worry about human shields too much. Alice and Dale both can give you focus, then you can go in and take out the revives.

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This is what i run and it works against all defenses.

I put huge bonus to ap on dales gun. With alice lead he pops round 3, paired with alice att buff round 3, alpha kills all 5 most of the time. When she doesn’t, bruce finishes them off

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Op af

why are you using alice lead for that?


For the attack bonus and focus…

id just drop eric and put in blue Andrea lead in place of alice and alice where eric goes i rarely ever put a revive on an attack team, though tbh blue morgan makes up for a lot so


I have a command in and use his special and rush same turn. Gives the focus, heal reduction, -60 def all together then clean up with alpha.
Im also having a hard time deciding on Sandy vs alpha or both…hard decsion. I dont have Alice YET (was hoping she was promo this weekend) but using red madi in the mean time. Sometimes too many choices is not always good lol

But its a turn 2 team the way i have it set up

lol, you mean you manage to die in only 2 turns?


No it isn’t. Alice doesn’t give AP to any of those toons