Alexandria II Roadmap


Only 50 tickets for completion, down from 200 in Alexandria I. I’m guessing this is to try and stop the VK map reset but it hurts all players.


I foresee lots of players not getting that Rick


AKA all F2P probs


Rick is seeming less attainable, but i am expecting wars and possibly faction events in future to have the R2P tokens as prizes not the tickets which would mess with the boards even more.


The second act doesn’t even have tickets for finishing first stage. Its only an axe head.

Edit: halfway through the sencond act and zero tickets for completing the stages.

@kalishane: is there a reason for this?


At least they were gracious enough to include five basic tokens. Been running low on those lately.


Is this how they are cheating?


Possibly, heard it’s $10 apparently on VK


Some are saying it’s just scopely maths since factions were ending up at like 10 badges over the supposed max at the time.


Yes, it’s listed on their site to have any “route” reset for $10


Let us not forget that the russians log into these peoples accounts to reset the roadmaps so one day the hackers could just nuke your account


Exactly, it’s a terrible idea to let them do that


I mean they likely won’t because they’re making money by providing the service but the risk will always remain lol


weekly community & faction rewards too don’t forget. If you come last tier in both each week still nets you 1,200 Power Tokens so as long as you get 2K from Weekly Roadmaps/Milestones/Tournament rewards (War?) then Rick seems quite attainable.


How do you get 2k weekly? I only have received enough for 2 tokens.


He means 2k total from the weekly stuff over 4 weeks.


Yup indeed. So 500 per week, I’m quite on course for that this week. Not done this roadmap yet and SR/FLUP to come.


So far we are at 320 without the FLU but war spans across 2 weeks groups so not sure if they will include tickets but rather straight tokens.


I have 295 with 3 stages left on act 2. What did I miss. We came in 4th on FLU.


200 1st Roadmap
35 Lu 500k
35 Raid 1400
50 2nd Roadmap

320 total, sorry for the mix up.

30 Silver completion in Solo SR is how i got to 350.