:alert: Wood Nugget Collection Important Notice!

We’re currently aware of the issue where the Wood Nugget Collections are no longer available.

We will be putting the collection back up for a limited time in the near future so that players may redeem their Wood Nuggets.

Thank you for your patience while we work on putting the Collection back up.

We will be putting the collection back up for a limited time later on in the week so that players may redeem their Wood Nuggets. We will keep you updated.


good to hear, i know at least one person that missed out, thanks @kalishane

Works for me I was at work when level and raid ended so I couldn’t cash in rest

Thank you!!

It is good to keep the collection for 48 hours after the last wood nuggets available. In this case, there should be no problem and no one can complain. Mind that this is a game for many regions in the world.


So you’re gonna reset the numbers again too? So those of us that made sure to pull our shit could end up down 4 tier 4s to those that didn’t over the 2 resets? If that’s the case you need to give the option canceling the pulls from the weekend or you’re creating a big disadvantage possibly here. Those that dropped $ on GPS and canteen stashes probably love the fact that a f2p guy can have 4 more tier 4s than them too. Do right by all not some and give the option to get our nuggets back if they are going to reset the limits again.


Agreed a 100%. Why the event and redemption has to end at exactly the same time is beyond me.

A reminder would be good given I get reminded every time I log in about new character. New sales. New promotions. New discounts. New bags. New chests. New buckets. New T-shirt’s. New coin offers.

Collections were open for 9 hours after raid tourney ended. Given that, I doubted the same would happen as last time.


Yeah but its not like this happened last time.

Oh no, wait, this is exactly what happened last time…


This is honestly unbelievable…

Any general idea of when it will go back Up? Had a couple fac mates miss it due to different time zone and sleep/work.

Yep and I asked support how they were going to make it fair to players who collected in time and they just didn’t bother with an answer. Allowing the extra GPS and canteens especially can/will make a difference especially if it’s done again. I would hope they don’t do that as they should have learned from last time to allow more then a few hours to collect due to this being a world wide game . Last time it ended at 3am for me and I made sure to set my alarm to wake up and get prizes and collect for the hour alloted. But I shouldn’t have had to do that.

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So are the regions that got stuck with a level up instead of the back to back blitz wars going to be compensated nuggets or not? They should be given out based on average war placement within the region. @kalishane

Doubt it. A game like Final Fantasy Brave Exvius will actually compensate players with premium currency if anything goes wrong with an event. The best you’ll get here is the collection event so you can redeem what you collected but if you didn’t get the required item due to an error, you’ll have to deal with it.

Will the wood chips that don’t amount to enough to claim anything be converted to supply points?

My collection amounts show the already collected value, this time they did not reset the counts to 0. No extras should be possible.

Yea guys it didnt reset this time, previous collectons were still there.

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Anyone know what’ll happen to leftover nuggets? Depo points I’m guessing. Do we have a conversion rate?

I stand by “totally unbelievable” after seeing that it didn’t reset :joy: