Alert Weapon Epic stats still working inconsistently PLEASE FIX

Alert Epic stats, specifically the Crit ATK to all adjacent still only works about half the time. Maybe less. Please address @GR.Scopely

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Does it actually apply a buff? Given that there’s no duration, I would think it’s applied automatically. If so, how do you know it’s not working?

How do you know it does/doesn’t work? Do you see the in-Battle status bubbles? Or is it raw stats improvements in which case how would you know Crit isn’t working because it isn’t shown in Battle?

Not saying you aren’t right, just that you need to post your justification to help the community help you understand the problem

The Crit Stat is harder to track as there is no visual representation. however, the ATK buff is visibly inconsistent, both in game and in team edit screen, so one can assume the crit malfunctions as well.

In the images, 2 weapons are applied and sometimes Priya ATK jumps to 14K or 16K, and sometimes she remains at 12K. Happens to all toons involved.

What about in the battlefield. Do you get a consistent attack stat there?

do you have any film you could take of this - starting from the lineup as seen in pics, to the battlefield with hovering on weapons and such? Thanks - you can line it to me at “Linkesus.” if you would like

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With a “.” At the end

Video sent. Thanks for the assistance.

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@MRNICEGUY - Thanks for the report - Can you PM me your account code + any screenshots + a video of this issue so I can escalate this further?

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Confirmed this is not visual, it actually is reducing actual damage during raid. Let me know if you need more video/testing. Good callout

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