Alert Team Player 5* Buff

Sorry if i’m just not getting this, but hopefully someone can clarify…

I have got the following Buff on Two of my 5* weapons:

Alert Crit - Alert Buffs: At the start of each turn, all teammates get 10% DEF for 1 turn for each Alert teammate on the team

If I have a team made of all alert characters how much defence should I have? I am currently getting 50% defence, but I would have thought that 5 Alert characters x 10% x 2 should be 100% defence bonus? Is there something i’m missing? Or do they just not stack with each other? If they don’t stack, then there is no point trying for it on future weapons.

Thanks for your help.

I guess it doesnt stack and it kind goes with conventions but kind of crappy it isnt explicit.

Temporary buffs don’t stack. That’s it.
And this epic attribute procs every turn, so if you get one teammate killed, it goes to 40% DEF at the next turn, and go on.

It doesn’t stack. Should be stated better so players don’t craft two

This gets asked often. From the original announcement of the effects: (5-Star Weapon Effects Details [11/18])

Any status effect with a turn duration will not stack with other status effects, except healing and bonus HP. Any stat increase without a turn duration will stack with other stat increases.

This is also generally how all temporary buffs (i.e. with a duration) work; if you rush both green Glenn and BA Cooper, only the highest of the buffs applies.

Thanks everyone. I knew rushes didnt stack, but i didnt realise that was the case with weapons too. I was so excited when i got the second one! Lol.

As i said, my team is all Alert, and weapons have 30+ attack, huge ap and stun. Is there anything paricularly suggested as being the best thing for the 4th slot on an alert weapon?

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