Alert Scout with debilitating bleed

is the red Scout still good? The bleeding is nice, but it only takes effect in the next round, that’s if you can survive to the next round… and now that Hemorrhage stat has been introduced, I’m just wondering if it’s still worth it to get the alert Scout.


He is very dated now. If he were to be used it would be for command. Although impair is good, his bleed it is not a huge threat.


He’s useful for his command skill and since he can hold a stun gun. But only as useful as a 5 star can be now. Unless you’re in a newer region 5 stars arent much use at this point other than for sr and stacking territories.

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Ya I guess, everybody is going for 6* now, or at least ascendable 5*'s…

Thanks anyways.

if i match to a 5* team without priya, i hit auto attack… 5* are done.

Priya is nice, but I just really want someone to bleed opponents.

i’ve had scout, since he was introduced, i was in the faction that won that war. the math said he should be great and be able to do massive unavoidable damage… and that you could dominate with him…

it never fricken worked… i was never able to use him… if the toon does no damage on ar, and only bleeds later, the toon is worthless…

yumiko came later, and does burn damage. effectively the same as bleed… she damages and the burns… thats 1000% better than scout ever was.

Currently my Siddiq is out for an AR boost and on my attack team I’m back to using Scout. He is in there mainly for his command and armed with a Stun weapon he is still usefull. You basically are using a 4 man attack team where scout is only used to command and take away guardian shields… and hopefully stun someone when being hit

Woah, 6* Madison is a beast. That’s a much better bleeding toon.