Alert negan payback vs wayland

Scopely why dis you give negan good stats to kill three characters with payback but wayland is completely différent??? Negan red is a joke okay we are all thinking the same about that but why didn’t you do thé same for wayland??? I hâte this dumb negan character. Scopely should have never done such a character. Really…

Agreed. Negan Sucks


It’s all fun and games until you accidentally forget about Payback and use Aiko’s rush on Negan, resulting in 3 teammates, who were at max health a second ago, literally exploding and dying

Wayland also kills three if you do enough damage to him. No idea what you are talking about.


Wayland is more annoying. Typical he has lower health so less damage is needed to trigger Payback. Plus that burn on defense is a pain if you don’t run a disarm

Try using guardian 2 shield vs Negan and just tap him with normal attacks till guarded.

Agreed. Negan goes down so easily. Lots of good blues. Although wayland gets wrecked by Cristã normal attack now too.

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It’s especially with my Amber :nauseated_face:

Negan is far easier than Wayland to deal with imo

waste not kills negan in single hit when kill toon infront of him

Wayland burns you to death

Imo Wayland is way easier. He’s a green toon, Christa just destroys him with her basic attacks.

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