Alert Michonne... fixed?


Last night and this morning I’ve noticed that she is gathering tokens every 2nd / 3rd attack.

If this is fixed, don’t tinker leave it as is.


Thank you.


is she still viable in your situation? i cannot think of using her at least i get a hold of 4x alert 6*s :slight_smile:


Paired with Magna she’s lethal, I use her every War with mixed results.

Last few wars she kicked ass but no tokens, today she’s kicking ass and collecting!


Wow I got 75 5* tokens from her. She’s still somewhat gathering tokens, but I only use her on weak factions.


We don’t face weaker factions unfortunately maybe very few people in couple factions can be beaten with a michonne lead team atm in our situation.


I jumped the gun, my bad.

She’s still broken, in fact the most recent war she ended up taking tokens from my stash and giving them to the game.


??? Holy fuck? taxing toons?