Alert crit leader? 36+ crit

So with nightmare road up it’s making me realize how much I wish a 6* alert crit lead was released. We have multiple options for strong leads with +36 crit - Abraham and Aaron (maybe others), a blue lead in Dwight (maybe another), yellow lead we have connor and I think there’s one other, but for alert stages with walkers and people we have 5* Lopez. I would love to see an alert 36+ crit lead toon that could hold his / her own a bit better than Lopez


We also have Kenny he’s ranged but I know he don’t work when u can only take alert (I have to use Lopez to and when it’s zombies and humans that’s where I come into trouble with him a lead) and barker for fast


Why do people love Lopez, og rick is better


I had to scroll through my roster to find a crit lead alert and stumbled across my a t1 lvl1 rich and he has been very usefull

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Just level his ar and he is done. Dont even need to level him up

Would have been nice if Legacy Rose was a crit leader. Didn’t see much niche from her otherwise.

Yeah that would have been nice she was worthless.

42+ crit leader ranged/meele characters would be nice or even just for one trait. all we have is Kenny, Abe, Barker, and one or two others. I still use Lopez, Kelly, Magna, OG Rick, for zombies on SR if i have too

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Which rick sorry? I think lopez is just more common - I seem to get him a lot

Agreed on that one

Just the stages where it’s walkers then people is annoying

this rick link

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yep. no good ranged leaders for that.

Oldman showed it doesnt more common than that rick.

Scopley make Lopez a 6* character!

Using shit old alert lopez too…all reds stage are worst hue hue

How dare you miss out blue kenny he is an absolute god send for some of the walker maps

Ah I had him a while back but foddered him for a level up I think. Either or a 6* version would be great for the walker / people levels

Whoops sorry, I never got Kenny :upside_down_face:

Lopez is my red crit lead go to man, damn he’s handsome