Alert Citizens?

So, I never really paid attention to this but I was sending a group out for a scavenger hunt that wanted 4 red and a citizen. Trying to just kill two birds with one stone I noticed that in the 100+ five and six stars that I have, not a single one is an alert red citizen… IS THERE a red citizen? Off the top of my head I can’t think of one.

Monica and neut Lori are the only ones I have that are 5*.

One in my roster

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Red 4* Amy
Red 4* Rosita

But as for 5* and 6*, not that I have

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Only 4* for me. Luke, Amy & Olivia.

Isn’t Pam an alert citizen or did I remember that wrong?


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Here you Go :wink:


Rare one! I like her hat x)

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Funny thing is, his strong variant looks more close to his appearance in “A New Beginning”.