Albert Region. Recruiting!

Hello everyone.

The former region number 2, Infamous, left Albert this week and they have left a hole in the region that needs to be filled.

Like most regions, there is 1 “whale” faction at the top, not 2-3 like a lot of regions.

If you want to come and fight for top spot, fight for the 2-3 spots of just chill as a top 10 faction then send me a message on line for more info.

No region trolls
Territories are mostly red & blue
Crafting Faction in place

Line ID: twd_alex


‘Crafting faction’ scoffs in British


Albert full of whales, is it true ?

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Was. Most left.

Albert must have loved Infamous very much if they left such a big hole in the region after transferring :grinning:

I wouldn’t go that far but there is space for anotherntop faction if one wants to come over

Maybe it’s different now, but Albert became a shithole as soon as transfers opened and many OG factions on that region bailed out. It wasn’t very competitive which is why we bailed.

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What kills said lol

It’s changed completely now. It was very top heavy until this week but that has now changed thanks to 2 faction departures.

All I saw in the thread title was Albert and I thought another letter to the player base had been released. :rofl:

It is what it is. Change it up and make the OG factions unhappy, or stick with it. Unhappy OG factions kill regions.

TTT still there?

So you can’t craft during a war weekend?

Yes we are

Yes. Crafting factions are free for all during faction events.

Can’t craft during a faction event unfortunately :frowning:
Ok, was not sure if you were the right Alex

Says who?


Says the fact you faction locked and cannot join the crafting faction.
Sure you can craft a weapon, but you cannot craft one without the weapon territories


I first started in Albert. Back then Alberts Aromry had control over the crafting territories and if you wanted to craft you had to quit your faction, join theirs, quit theirs and rejoin yours. It was a pain. And you can’t craft when there’s a faction event going on. I like calling dibs better as long as everyone follows the code