Albert Region is looking for few factions


hello survivors.
Albert region is one of the best f2p and active region out there ,our whales left just right after transfer update.i rarely see op teams, most of the teams(around 80%) are still using Mira and Carl leads. if anyone looking for a new region please check us out.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Advertising it as a f2p region is a good way to bring in whales. Id take that out of your sales pitch


whales are welcome in our region lol.i dont want our region to become another Morgan region



No Albert is not looking for new factions we had 11 factions move in. This is the work of a troll


It was mostly f2p until transfers. The whales moved in even though we weren’t actively recruiting. Guess keeping quiet brought them in. Top 6 teams are p2p


I agree that is a troll talking


Dont come to albe et ts expecting to be able to blow everyone away. Enough whales here


Tell your ‘whales’ a shark is coming.

feeling mischievous today


Well the original Albert peeps would definitely go.
Ffs stick to one region


we dont care about whales. if region is good we are coming to kill all.


If you ever make a region recruitment poster, make sure that it has a massive watermark from whatever app you used to make it. It’s essential


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