Ak-74 Weapon Roadmaps


Didn’t the maps for this museum weapon disappear suddenly and never came come? Will they come back?

If I’m not wrong, there were a few days left on them and since I didn’t complete all (I thought I still had time) I couldn’t get the weapon.

Just delete this topic if I’m mistaken.



I miss 75 x2 piece of weapon too. and they never put back the rest of roadmap…
it’s the same with plastic piece to get a weapon, scopely said they will put a roadmap every wednesday, but finally it only comes 2 times…
@kalishane does scopely will do Something about it ?? my feeling is that scopely does too much mistakes on this event of 42 days…


Please give us the opportunity to finish our collection.
Please please :slight_smile:


I care more about roadmap for dwight, sincerely.


I still can’t get that AK-47 due to my YGL being locked out during that level up event because I haven’t done silence is golden .

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Please I really hope the parts are available again. I must have missed them in the flood of level up milestones.

Bring back another chance please!


I’m missing 72 x 2 items too & there is no raodmap for it.
@kalishane please advise as Scopely screw many times on event.


Same here I’m missing only 75 parts haha man that sucks missed a milestone


Hi friend, i miss exactly the same as you… so boring…


Help us @kalishane



It’s sux when not everyone able to hit milestone during lvl up.