Ajax the Red Human Shield is here

It’s the construction worker from the leaks… Um… No comment.

Like the deadpool villain?


Wording of the weapon makes it sound like it isn’t just a beefed up version of Damage Reflect. If so, we could be looking at a precedent of a damage reflect that could work on ARs. We’ll see when the actual version gets released.

Not bad, yet easy to shutdown

Nope… :joy::joy::joy:


Ugh trash bound weapon

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Hmm he may actually b a beast kinda scary

His weapon might be good

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Would you think so ?
I feel many people will try to remove the reflect for stun, so it might actualky be a basic one.

He is going going to be green shield jesus good on attack meh on defense.


No I think his mod is not the same like reflect, but you could be right

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Yea his stats seems more for attack shield

Right, like I mentioned earlier, the description is different from damage reflect.

Damage reflect says “when being attacked”, while this says “When taking damage.” Could be a wording discrepancy, but it could be something else new as well.

Uhm, but his mod is good for you, you could easily load AP

Or kill your character… If ARs can trigger it, imagine how much damage could be reflected back.

Yeah I was about to say he could be ap building machine for opponents.

It would be funny but highly doubtful but those multi hit ars look out lol.

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Of course he can kill you, if you have bad stats or attack with green against him. I guess morgan or andrea could easily kill him

I’m not talking about strictly mutli-attack ARs, but all ARs in general. Again like I mentioned before, the wording makes me suspicious that it isn’t just a stronger version of Damage Reflect; it might be a new type of weapon mod. Since this is a leak, it is, of course, still all speculative.

Oh I understood but highly doubtful.