Ajax’s Special Weapon


What will you all do with Ajax’s weapon? Keep the 150% attack or opt for stun instead?


Would depend on if it also works for rushes as well.


Will work for rushes like dwight’s and michonne. Would probably make them kill themselves


It won’t kill Michonne because she’s immune to defensive weapon specials. But Dwight? Oh yeah.


Stun all the way


Stun always and forever


Needs stun played against him and hes like butter his weapon feeds my AR.


Let’s say hypophetically you get two, keep it on one and build 35 hp/def and the other goes stun 35hp 3 def. best of both worlds. The return damage is a good concept, if only it could be combined with something else. (Also it could be better to build him with hp>def logic as more damage taken=more damage dealt; contrary to def>hp)



Any better in terms of survivability?


Won’t know until I’m finished leveling and modding him Need the mod removal event today 1st


That’s pretty but stun weapons just don’t hold up that well any longer. Blues are still dominating. Please let us know how he does. Are you going to use him on defense or attack?


Can say that about literally any color at this point. I’ll use him in a couple def setups. May try him on offense too at some point. More about having a variety to switch to so the opponent is not sure what they gonna face each time they go in


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