Ajax dies in 2 turns


What’s the point in having a shield if they die in two turns? Did they even think about the weapon?.. they should have done absolute defence. This is ridiculous


Yes… this is “rediculas”.


Spend more money mayby it helps


Everyone on here said he looked bad and not to pull for him but what do we know :man_shrugging:


Lets give him 4k defense and maxed out stun and confuse resist mods while we’re at it!


I have always felt Red toons are the weakest cos of the large number of heavy hitting blues out there. Honestly didn’t expect much from a red shield


Magna used to be a bitch in the 5* era, he may be good with a stun gun,…


Yeah and so was Konrad with his abs def.


his stats are garbage, you would need to add stun, 30%HP 35% DEF

then you would need to boost his mod shield and HP up a hell of a lot … again not the best stats because scopely knows he would be a stun giver


May want to wait until he’s finished before gettin all crazy and doom and gloom, mines not even done yet and well over 4K def with ok mods (not the ones I plan for him) an unfinished weapon and not even max level. Besides he’s not really meant to be a stand-alone shield. He will be best served in a 2 shield setup running his ar off when possible while the other one is the heavier tank


If he’s your only shield, yea he’s gonna be bad … if your running him with Magna or koa (Garrett lead) he has some value.


exactly my thoughts but i don’t have a 2nd shield yet so he is the best option considering running without a shield. Can u post the mods btw?


Running an off trait shield is bad, that spot is better served for another ton that can heal, revive or damage


Green Garrett gives forty hp to green and red so koa and Erika is viable. Also koa and Erika is viable with league season zeke league. Not the best way to go, but better than one shield.


You are right, i read your comment as Magna AND Koa, not magna OR Koa. My fault


Don’t think that’s a fair comparison. Stun was so op without a one turn team in the five star era. Now stun has been severely weakened due to recover stun, disarm and even anti stun mods. Only way his stun would be good is if he actually uses his AR and taunts which is why I would max his AR.


Not so OP Ajax is after all.


Is that you, Yoda?


lol he is a working progress I would say. Tough def with def mods to stun resist taunt resist and ap down mods would suit him pretty well I would say.

for his weapon maybe stun on being attacked but I would go with the bonus def when when enemy is at high health. with hp and def for the rest.

for his lead go with erika. thats it nothing else for him.

analysis: lots of work for maybe a limp noodle.


He is good if you know how to make a team that would go off second turn