Ajax building advice please


I’ve recently got stun on his weapon and it’s led go me revisit him.

Originally I just went pure defense because the 50% defense from human shield made him pretty tough.

Now that I have stun, I’m wondering if I should switch to HP to trigger his rush and taunt/heal.

Or is it better to go Def/HP/Stun on his weapon and forget the rush?

Since you maxed out his ar already I would leave the rush. I’d 5* it as is and add 40% health.

So is it better to not level up actives or rushes on shields and just go pure def/HP?

I have a 5* Magna and another Ajax I can work on if I messed that one up.

This is mine. Wish it was 30% hp on his weapon, may do that now I can swap weapons out.

He is absolutely awesome on both attack and defence.

Edit: also bear in mind that since he doesn’t gain anything from an attacking lead, his trait doesn’t matter on attack. Also note that 2 of my 3 decent Plat mods are on him as a 6star, not on my Sclass toons.

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I wouldn’t say messed up per se. Its preference. If you max ar he will pop off alot which may be good since he taunts with ar.

Well I know now. The Magna shield has a higher def and HP when maxed compared to Ajax, so I’ll level her up whilst keeping rush and active down.

But then looking at her active and rush, surely you want her to use them? Impair and lower attack on a line of enemies. Boost teams attack?

I agree magna is useful as an attacking style shield. Really preference. I prefer my shields to stand there like a rock, but they can be integral to the attack itself.

Ajax rush is great because it’s taunt, so even when he’s not shielding the team to rush, the opponent’s attacks are still focused on him because of taunt.

That stun gun looks great. I’d say upgrade it to 5*, max the def and add hp slot to make it full tank to last the whole match. :slightly_smiling_face:

That was my thinking too. Stun on its own is great, but the rush heals so he can go for longer and the taunt will stop any potential rushes that turn.

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This is what confuses me. All the screenshots are the after 1 round where he’s been hit whikst shielding.

It looks like he’s more likely to die before getting enough AP.

I was thinking to go for more HP as its AP gain is supposed to be based on damage lost… But I don’t want him to become too easy to kill.

Ajax rush is good but his active skill should not be touched, it is horrible and he uses it all the damn time! I use him on my attack team and the heals from his rush are great to keep him in the fight but that active skill is useless and wastes him shielding, if it was ap gain or healing or something then that would be fine but the elusive pain split is whatever. Keep his gun as is, upgrade to a 5* and go for hp, either 40% def or 40% hp.


Lol, as a shield I have accepted that sometimes Ajax must be sacrificed in order for his teammates to be able to safely fill their rush and kill the opposite team xD

But yeah, if you got both HP and def on his weapon, plus maxed out his rings, he should still be alive by turn 3 when his other teammates are ready to rush.

Am using this one for a while, so far awesome alternate if you dont have magna.Thought def ap would be awesome on atk, but meh…still confused on 4th slot upgrade

Some cool platinum mods)

Is ajax not building for you
Just slash his wages then duh

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