Ajax advice thx


Hi :smile: everybody . Do you think i up full rush or it ? And what about on the weapon ?

Ty for help


Rush yes because of taunt and regain of hp pkus reflect damage


He’s one of the few you can level the rush imo. Especially if he taunts the toon that will recover stun and stuns that toon. Definately stun instead of a glorified reflect damage.


his rush is 85 ap so yeah probs max it slap stun on that bad boi throw in confuse resist mod and stun resist mod and anyone without disarm mainly f2ps is gonna cry


Imo he’s the only sheild who poses a major liability. If Duane hits him with his def down active and Ajax is pain splitting, you’ve essentially screwed yourself. Andrea and tyreesse (both f2p toons) can destroy two characters on your team, especially tyreese who completely eliminates the possibility of recovering and reviving those characters. Same goes for Ajax’s reflect, you’re bound to just charge someone’s AR and not outright kill them.