Aiming for War this weekend


with a little something new.




A new war ground, thats it? How about a 5* that people can ascend and be exclusive for 1st. Winning should have meaning to get an advantage like before.


Just gonna point out that “aiming for war” leaves the door open for no war. :woman_shrugging:


Can you ask LiveOps what it’s looking like in terms of rewards, just so we can get an idea now instead of later? We already know they can be changed mid-event, so shouldn’t be a problem for them.


*Events are always subject to change (just in case)

In my defense I said “a little something” :wink:


Also some rewards making a normal war worthwhile again? 5* tokens are great and all, but there’s nothing to ascend when you don’t get ascendable toons you know?


On the Calendar, it says that war is only from Friday to Saturday, will war be shorter this time around? I don’t mind that at all, lol. I really hope we can aim for 2 day war max so that we have at least half of Sunday to not think about it.


are we going to have horrible prizes again? i’m planning to play destiny 2 all weekend =) if so.


New Threat Gov for 1st. Make it happen bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhs


Also, Regular War or CRW?


Where is the calendar? I can’t find it anymore.


Fantastic gif usage




Regular War!


Governor this week!


thanks buddy


So confirmed with LiveOps that New Threat Governor is the first place prize? Am I understanding correctly? (Please say yes…)



Confirmed The Governor will be Available this week! Not in War.


bet its the new week’s premiere, we shouldn’t get our hopes high :face_with_raised_eyebrow: