AI Tweak & Suggestions after Blitz test

So after the blitz test, I found very little discernable difference with the a.i.

Personally, I thought most of the changes were needed as the ai was very sub par previously and now it seems to operate more like what a real player would. The tweaks stated if working should make changes to make it more fair - less dog piling, actually going for trait advantages etc. This is good.

Now the real issue lies with as stated ad nauseum on this forum - a lack of options (tool kit) for the F2P. Hopefully the data has reflected this from the blitz test.

Dear Scopely, why not make all leaked ascendables available this week? Bring the players back, start a more regular release schedule for the F2P community. This and a bit more transparency and communication would go a long way with maintaining players and attracting new ones.

Food for thought @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely?


No real difference my faction peeps are still struggling, Whales love it F2P hate it, guess it’s here to stay


Just speaking for my own experience, I still get dog piled every time. Just some of the time a single enemy toon will attack separate from the dog pile. My weapons effects are going off less than ever before too. And the enemies seem to proc at a very high rate still. Doesn’t really seem all that different from a few days ago to me…

And it’s not due to mods btw. My stronger trait and double attack weapons hardly ever proc now. Same goes for my stun snd impair weapons, regardless of mods.


Gotta say I thought it was a step in the right direction. Got dog piled a few times, but not so meticulously and consistently that it was a problem.

Enough of a step? Not sure. Region too dead to properly test.

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They were leaked, this isn’t scopleys fault, you can’t expect them to release things just cuz they got leaked. That would lead to a messy future.

We have a calendar already, they already said they won’t be making a list of legacy ascendables.

Didn’t even see a patch for it.
They probably didn’t change it yet.

It was definitely changed.

Personally I’m liking this new one a lot better than the other one (the last updated one).

You summed up my entire blitz experience to a T!! My toons were Still dogpiled 9 out of 10 turns, with the 10th being 4 dogpiled and the 5th didn’t. Which in my eyes, is not a improvement by any stretch of the imagination.

Bc what was the biggest issue ppl had after the 1st crappy AI update?
It was the AI dogpiling!
So… you’d think that if they TRULY LISTENED and heard our feedback that they would’ve gotten rid of it/dialed it back a ton. But that is not what happened, getting dogpiled 9 out of 10 times is not a improvement, atleast from where I’m sitting.

What should have happened was the entire AI abomination should have pulled and reverted back to the way it was before the update!
Then they should have continued to tweak and heavily beta test the AI for both the Defense and Auto Play Offense till ALL the kinks and nuances were dialed in and figured out, then and only then relaunch it.

It really seems like everyday is opposite day at $¢opes :rofl:, the community needs one thing and asks for it and they do the exact opposite then expect us to be thankful for it. Idk, all I know is that right now I am Thoroughly Disgusted with this game and $¢opes right now and I don’t even know if I want to continue playing let alone S-pending 🤷

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I’m good with the tweak. Was able to use my old attk teams again with pretty good success for the most part. The multiplier needs to get go though. Lot of these defenses are already overpowered enough as is, they dont need the AP boost

I understand that, it would just be nice if they released a lot for the community to utilise at one time. I’m not that naive to expect it to happen.

Also, I use the calendar all the time with my faction. It’s great that Scopely have one for us. The point I was trying to make was that I think it would be great if Scopely gave us a list of legacies like they did in the past. It was nice having that because it would allow you to prepare for upcoming toons. How many times have you depo’d or used a toon for ascendance fodder that became ascendable later. Donny and Eric come to mind for me.

In any case I’m probably just spitting into the wind here, but it is just my opinion.

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