AI rush question [known issue]


I was farming the tokens roadmap when I noticed something : Tripp is rushing to “cure all penalties and heal” but Eugene does not (he heals and cures stun and impair).
So why is Tripp rushing anyway ? No HP lost, no penalties. It’s annoying

Cause he is broken

That’s sad, it’s one potential headshot which is lost

It’s a known issue that we’ve been unable to reproduce.

When Tripp has bonus Crit he rushes, when he doesn’t have bonus crit he attacks like he should be.

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6* Hershel also uses focus a lot. Even when we’re up against walkers???

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Posted a vid of this a while ago here in forums… Tripp went from broken, to working, and now broken again inbetween updates. Replaced him with Eugene until its fixed.

This whole game system is considered as a malus I’m not surprised anymore.

Thanks. Bug’s been logged.

It should be fixed for an upcoming version


Third time’s a charm, good luck!

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