AI picking targets

As I learned earlier in the combat guide thread, there is a smart AI that will give AP gained from rushes or active skills to people who need it most.

I noticed that when Dwight kills a person with his rush, the second target will always be a red one, if present.

  1. Is this intentional?
  2. Do you observe this as well?
  3. Is this chose, because RED is weak to BLUEs?
  4. Do you know any similar situations, where selection in combat is not truely random?

Can you provide any insights into this AI, @CombatDevIl . Because it is relevant for game play and making decisions.

Thank you.

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AI picking has a chance of picking based on some optimal targeting rules and has a chance to pick it randomly.

The only occasion AI picking will be always optimal is when the player is NOT on auto combat, HAVEN’T PICKED a target, and press on a fighter icon to attack.

So, if you rushed with you Dwight without being in auto combat, the second target of his AR would always try to pick the optimal target (Alert ones in this case).


The AI picks targets based on how likely they are to fall in love with them and free them from the mountain enclave with the drunken tech-bro mutilating their robot bodies after having dance/sex.

Dance compatibility is certainly an important factor.