AI during defense and auto attacking

Honestly it would be nice if the defensive team worked as intended, what’s the point of paying top dollar for toons that won’t even use active skills when they should. Imo the AI needs to be revamped and upgraded to work as intended. Hard to get defends when your teams aren’t working right.

You know what would be cool? Live raid battles.

2 people can start a raid against each other in real time. For each turn, you have a minute and 30 seconds to make your moves. Battles can last forever or opponents can flee. If you flee battle, the winner is determined by who did most damage.


That would be a cool thing as well but for now I’d rather them fix what is broken instead of continuing to release the same bs without fixing what we’ve been complaining about. Oh terries is broken have a few promos, in the near future we’re gonna have shields that revive but terries will still be broken and the AI won’t be using actives as intended.

Lol if you think the game is a hot mess now let them add a feature like that and watch as the rest of the players pack their bags lol

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If you stack enough crap on top of itself, it will drown out the original problem. It works with my room, maybe it will work here.


These guys have a hard time coding achievements and mission rewards . You really think they could code something like that successfully? Look at every feature they add riddled with bugs lol

Active skills are the biggest let down. They are inconsistent and most of the time useless.

If I put a turn 2 taunt on my defense, I want that used. Not a 10% chance of it triggering.

Overall coding is trash. Can’t design any active abilities in because ap gain will be used and no one will be able to rush from it, or taunt/stun/confuse will just not be used. Oh and please please use recover from burn/bleed when it does 0.5% damage per turn to my toon. Super useful.

Only active that works properly is revive.

Team design would be significantly more indepth if they actually allowed some common sense rules.


the best thing is when im going against walkers on auto and wanderer/magna use elusive and heal when they have 100% hp… maybe so the walkers don’t build their ar up?

every 6☆ should have an active switch if he should use his active always, auto (ai) or manual - only by the user.

Actually they have tied other things in with revive actives (gabe and Sandy ) so it will use it for that and then wont revive when needed because its now used up or on cooldown. Imo revive shouldnt be attached to taunt or anything like that. Just like Erics hr and stun recover when stun occurs yes it will recover that but there’s times ive had the the entire team hr and it didnt trigger and could have.

Generally agree on revive, but recently came across a violet that didn’t revive for 3 turns effectively winning me the raid. Did they tinker with that too I wonder?

I love my toons rushing on the the only shielded opponent …

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I’ve had blue Abe use Heal Self on sr when he had full hp?!

I agree man for example if I’m running a Lydia I’m expecting Eric to turn 2 remove her stuns if she’s stunned. I’ve had faction mates to send videos and their actives not even being used. Minimal effort could make this game amazing if they wanted to take the time and work on fixing the old stuff instead of worrying about new things. Shield and revive AR is coming soon

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