AI changed by 0,1%

You don’t think it was changed?

Nah fam. Not only did I never physically see a patch or update in the store, but everything that was supposedly updated is exactly the same.

I knew this would happen. Pandora’s box. They won’t convince people.

I’d suggest doing more testing. For the first AI change, the AI particularly targeted enemies based on trait advantage as well as the enemies’ defensive stats/special weapon stats.

Now, the enemy has trait advantage as their main focus, and they seem to disregard defensive stats all together.

I know this because using SR Zeke with the first AI change would result in his death by turn 1-2 due to mass focus. Now, I can run him and he sometimes doesn’t even get attacked on turn 1.

From MY experience, seems about the exact same.

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Because it is exactly the same. :smirk:


They just gave us the placebo

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No lol…

I personally experienced a significant decrease in my win rate and increase in difficulty when the first AI change came around. After this 2nd change, my win rate is back up to what it was before the first AI change, and the difficulty is in-between both pre and after AI change. The current state of the AI is definitely a little harder than what it was way before, but it was also toned down compared to how aggressive it was with the first AI change.

I went from trying to get demoted this week up to the range of being promoted just from this blitz war alone. So it isn’t like I haven’t done multiple PvP battles, and I have actually tested these changes.


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