Ahhhh my fat belly is full

Ate pizza instead of spending/buying on this game hahaha.
What did you guys buy instead?
(please keep in mind flag peoples this is off Topic)

Ahhhh my fat belly is full

i have taken my lady to have a steak dinner and a lobster dinner and have new mods for my 3d printer and a new shotgun and season tickets to a ahl hockey team and 3 new tattoos :slightly_smiling_face: i was doing to much spending


I bought a few packs of Marlboro cigarettes.

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Made some diet food for the week

Since you asked.Was Lazy today and haven’t ate one in 6 months lol.

Ok Kook! :roll_eyes:


A lot of my money goes into my company and others and goes into things like helping homeless get food, cloths, shelter, etc or to st judes children hospital. A pizza sounds amazing right now tho lol but ive been cooking and cutting back calories, trying to eat more healthy


i put my excess money into P*rn and working out, i now have an amazing right arm but erm thats it ill get to the rest later.

Really though since i stopped spending anything other than a few £ here and there the money saved has paid for a new gaming PC and a holiday.

I think i may have finally won… somehow


I went to firehouse subs… that shit was so good :blush:

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Nothing like sucking on a robot dick. strong text

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Lmao :joy::joy::joy:

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Awesome advice just be careful about who you donate to. A lot of the well-known barely use any towards what they say they help. It’s one of the best companies to start, sadly. Always do research before donating.


Awesome chart! I stole that lol and yea a lot of places make a lot of money off donations, st judes is awesome and also i have donated to diabled american vets, salvation army and some more local small places, also a cool site to get a bunch of video games for donationg us humble bundle, idk if you can do it for consoles but i do it for pc games all the time

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I pickes up Dragons Crown Pro and Until Dawn for ps4 and Onimusha Warlords for ps2, Dragons Crown had the nice steelbook also.

I have worked for most of these places.It’s true lol.

Iv picked up the new God Of War and its fricken amazing, no paywall, just all content… no wonder that game sold so much and was rated so high

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I’m gonna start a new pizza chain. $100 per pizza. With a .05% chance of actually getting the pizza and a .01% chance that it’s the pizza you want.


What will It be called?

And 1% its eatable, else you just die from it

Pls lend me a fag I haven’t smoked since colledge broke up