Ah yes, really helpful Scopely

And is this the war stash you meant?

The one in which not everyone even opened one of the toon crates?

Have one wheel too guy.aff

And have more 2 events in this time to get vincent and rick fast you remenber or not.

I have no idea what you are trying to argue now. Yes I remember events for Vincent and Rick, there was also Abe and Wyatt and Lucas. That was back when they were pretty generous with free event toons. But now they have been giving us quite a few free event toons as well. Again I have no idea what you are trying to argue anymore. Yes they have given out free toons and things in the past and are currently do it again. But you seem to expect everything free and complain about anything that has to be paid. Accept it or move on.

Yup a wee missions tab like weeklies… do so many raids, get a token, do x amout of level ups etc.

Give us a little something to do while we are at home, and a little extra reward. And spenders are still gonna spend so I doubt it will hurt the bottom line. Most players will leave that stash alone after a pull or three. If they were a bit more invested in finishing the stash… could even be better for business

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While I’m on the subject, Scopely should remove all the low grade booby prizes from stashes and bags, crates etc.

Just turns away people who can count from spending… i don’t have 8 quid to spend on a couple of bradies or whatever. Raise the bottom threshold of what you can get, and mild spenders like me who value return on investment can get back into it. Too many gamble boxes


Free only once

Yeah? So free.

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I got Slater with my free token, first time in 4 years I got lucky! :grinning:

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Please do what this guy said.

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