Ah yes, really helpful Scopely


We can all rest easy now.

I got 10 liliths.

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i got mia from this, thats another fear in the war pull now for me but im happy since mia is good and im within the 8% luck. Im wondering though, did anyone get 100,000 5 star tokens?

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Yeah someone in my faction did

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Got 3 Basils, not bad for a free token.

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I got 100k tokens and pulled Olivia and jessie anderson.

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Its free… stop moaning


Paid things again

I pulled the 100k 5* with my free token, got Lydia


It’s not free if you pay your interweb bill but ye the moaning should stop.

To complete the stash bro.

Do you expect them to give out 50 free pulls? What’s the point of the stash then, they could just give us all those items. Of course it is paid to complete.

It would be nice if they gave us ways to earn the tokens though. They always overlook that, they should give a way to grind for some tokens, a lot more people would be more engaged and probably even more willing to spend.


Maggie event and all at war event the stash are full free you remenber or you are new player.

It’s something for nothing so there’s no reason to complain. Yes it sucks that some people are luckier than others but that’s RNG/Scopely buckets for you.

They didn’t have to give us a token. But they did and we got something for free that we wouldn’t have got otherwise. I’m not saying anyone should be eternally grateful for that but it’s something and being negative about it isn’t going to inspire them to be more generous.

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Maggie was a log in event which this isn’t. I don’t remember which All A War event you mean but if it was tied to war, not everyone was able to complete if they were lower activity. And using common sense, looking at the high end of quality toons in this stash, it would be pretty dumb to think this would be a free stash. Of course they are going to charge you to complete it. Are you new to this game that you can’t understand they can and will charge for whatever they can?

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4 year playing guy and im play very much and full f2p

Maggie event and all at war event its stash log and they give 4 ascendable toon in magie and all at war event,strong toons.

What 4 ascendables did we get with Maggie?

So playing 4 years you then realize how much everything is monetized, yet still act shocked and complain about everything that is not given to you for free.