Ah damm. Oh well, time to quit

Forgot to add to my queue :confused:


Lol that’s A LOT :joy:

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In what century did you start this?


This has to be a record. I’ll wait…

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Omg you were intending to add more???

Anyone with a spare 1.2 million in coins for me


Uhh 15mins times …something… divided by something else, factor in territories at random intervals…


It’s been going for a bit over 2 years. Holy shit



They’re raising roster cap space at least

Hope no one accidentally captured TG speedups like Junkyard or Farm Hideout. Hate when someone does that crap. Got close to even kicking them out of the faction just for it.


Nah I’ve just been busy with work that I forgot to add. I usually like to keep a 1 Day top off so that even if someone captured territories, it wouldn’t end it for me.

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At this point into the game, there really shouldn’t be a cap anymore. It’s already bad enough that the cap is so low, but that players need more roster space to effectively participate in level-ups(or collect toons from training grounds little by little), but specific trainers are also needed to for ascendancy/skill level purposes. Even non-specific aren’t stackable, so anyone who even used a crossbones in the latest maps probably have 150 Benedicts cramping up their roster.

We also keep getting new characters, but are being limited by how many we want to keep so we can use training grounds.

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Lol sorry, that was my attempt at being facetious

Lol 75k that’s enough trainner for 2 year

And Im happy with my 10k :joy:

You should change name to Farmer Verde

788.48 days assuming no territories that reduced training time were taken.

75695 toons trained took 75695 x 15 mins = 1,135,425 mins = 18,923.75 hrs = 788.48 days.

Approx 2.1 years of your life…


that’s 788 days of training, wtf bro

Is your phone going to explode?

Me too, that’s why I made suggestion a while back about letting ppl turn boosts on and off.

What sucks is they always capture it at the worst time lol like when you’re out of refills and working off natural NRG.

To the OP that’s crazy, I thought I had a lot keeping all 4 training grounds with 6k to 10k :joy: