** Age of Regions **

Finally, account transfer between regions will soon be possible. Is there a list with the date of when the regions were created? If not, could someone create a database?

Coosa - around Feb 2017

Gilmer when the game was launched was and has been my region. Still going but need more players for better competition and fun

Lanier is an original region as well i think or was the 1st new region

Pike: October of 2015

Sumter - August 2015

Deez nuts - est 1996


Dougherty - aug/sep 2015



Damn you young.

Young n rich :joy: well before i started spending on pulls back in the day

Now im homeless


Barbour -July/August 2017

But you got a lot of sweet 5*s and that’s all that matters

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Yeah man i own like 2000 pixels dose that make me c00l

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Dougherty was August 2015. Launch region.


Houston was August 2015 as well

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Burke region since August 2015

region Shelby August 2017

Colbert - February 2017

Lamar - since day one of the game. What was it august 2015?

Rabun- since 08/2015