Again there is no war wheel?

when should it appear?


Should appear this time maybe it hasn’t been leaked yet

Kudos for you getting the vk leaks before me :3

I thought they said beginning of November

10/18 they promise


Wait I thought the half rotten heads was meant to be milestones

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War wheel normally only pops up once war starts… maybe war tokens for milestones?? Meh who knows Its scopely

what are those heads for? :slight_smile:

Some war exclusive S class character. From what i understood you could choose the S class character or choose to go for the war wheel.

Could it be possible there will be posters for AARAV here?

Do we have some leaks for those “war” characters?

No leaks but the original post stated they would be meta relevant characters lol. So will probly be complete trash


it is almost impossible to collect 6000 posters for an S-class Aarav?

Well… at some stage you should see them as rewards in level ups etc. They are slowly rotating through the collectables

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I hope so :slight_smile:

Scopely said in war campaign thread that permanent war wheel will start at 1st November war.

Better to read it carefully JS.

The post say november 1

Lets all hope they put in good premier toons that are good and strong against S class. And not shitty 6* people haven’t used.

i can bet they will put dr.steaven/reven/olivia/zack etc in thus war wheel

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I hope they do. I’d be happy as fuck if they put in Red negan and Green Wayland. I need more red toons. I still need a blue to finish my fanmade collection (Own all 4 traits of a six star) Meaning I just need a tough and Im done. I have like a 8 yellows. (3 ascendables Andrea SC, Yvette, and Marlon and rose) so that’s 11 8 ascend 3 still at 5*
Wyatt,dante, Bruce, Abraham. Two ascendables are Chris (Pulled him from prestige recruits) and lace rick so thats 6. And 3 reds. Gov from pathways, Christa, Jeremiah (lvl 80 but Im gonna ascend chris cause he’s good) and NO BLUES.

11 yellows (3 ascendables)
6 greens (2 ascendables)
3 reds (1 ascendable)
No blues( None)

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wheel tokens for milestones would be awesome along with heads for rank rewards… that would make too much sense tho.

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