Again offers for new player



Not a new players and I’ve had this offer since the Carl and Mira offers came out…no one is spending $40 on Wyatt or Gov


You can get Wyatt for free from missions, and Gov from the depot…

But then again, you can ascend and get Carl and Mira, so who knows…


I’m not following you swear lol but it’s not just the characters it’s the coins that u get so ur getting an ascendace toon for £5 and 2300 coins for there normal price it you look at it right


Okay I dont have that offer on my main account


It’s Viktor!!


It’s Viktor not wyatt!!!


Logged in for the first time in a few weeks and got 2 5$ offers for mirabelle and carl lol

How greatly they’ve devalued accounts.


i alwas get them and im lvl 103


Viktor is an option for free toon by completing SR mission.


Yes, he is saying that in the offer its viktor, not wyatt like people are saying.


I know you can…


Thank you! Someone understands.


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