Again a hacker in bemberg took all the lvl up rewards

Plz @JB.Scopely it’s my second time here in forum asking for your help to banne this account
I’ve been reporting this every where and yet no actions ,
All the answer I get is we need evidence and the bla bla bla
You need evidence , this player have seasons 3 exclusive toons and he was only prestige lvl 3 ,
Can you tell me where he get his season tokens from ?
He score about 30m in the last 5-7 lvl up ?
Where did he get his ressources ?!?

Come on jb we need actions not just talking , we’ve already lost our chances here to get Marlone & Rossie , and trust me it’s no fun .

needs a YouTube video, they pay attention then

JuSt hAcK hIm bAcK


They will using hax forever cuz scopely won’t do anything for em.

Some of the top factions in leagues are the most blatant users of emulators and hacks. Repeated reports but nothing happens. Sometimes they do get banned but it doesn’t discourage them. I have heard and seen a few hackers just start a new account all over and get back to where they were like nothing happened. The coding of the game needs to be improved so that such security lapses and hacks can be countered.


My question is who has team only s2++ score that much in level is impossible what ever you best combo is that’s your team grade when someone looks at it

Thats wrong. Team grade shown is his defense team.

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You can’t run this type of business and fight hacking. It’s actually self-destructive.

Every new level up event we have a guy on the region that ruins it, with very low prestige and high scores in lvl up. Anyway they don’t want to ban him because this kind of player force people to use/buy more resources, so I wouldnt be surprised they support that behaviour doing nothing. Dont tell me he earned enough to be on the number 1 spot for 4 weeks keeping his prestige to level 6. Where do he gets his characters to level up? How does he level it up?

Ive also reported again and again + talked in this forum. but community manager said patient is only thing for us. lol i don’t think they gonna blocked ever

other might be if people actually stop spending and demand hackers to get banned and bugs to be fixed… but we know that will not happen.

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Free to play mobile games have only one outlet available to them with which to fight hacking and that is removing those players, however it doesn’t help as they just come back. They realize the futility of fighting them for the most part and only act to reset their progress to give us a feeling that they are trying. Why don’t they do more to fight this? Uhm… ask yourself, “What would be the ramifications of claiming what they are stealing has value?” The game cannot and will not claim items in game have any value and it’s really not a crime to steal what has no value. If the games items had any value they would have a bigger problem with the games community from decisions resulting in the loss of an account or access to purchased product without an ironclad reason. So… no, they won’t fight hacking. They never really have.


True they probably wont do anything even sending them every proof that the guy is hacking, there will be no compensation, and no punishment since the guy will probably just create another account under another IP.

As someone who’s had a hacker banned in my faction (we all reported this player as he/she was using VK só clearly), they do ban players if there is evidence. So either they haven’t gotten to your inquires yet, there isn’t enough evidence to ban the player or the player is not cheating. I would keep messaging support about the player and using the link provided by ladygeek in your last thread. Unfortunately, that is your only chance.

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