Aftermath Crutches

I claimed the bag and the burts, now I have no “real” incentive Save for gear.

I don’t mind grinding but jeez this is really a grind. I’ve done all the missions but the roadmap is tedious.

No 800 drops and even after using all the stretchers I got from completing the missions I’m only on 22k crutches. I’ll probably not bother with the 45k bag and just take the other stuff.

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Do the stretches only drop at certain times? I’ve just wasted 4 raid cans and not a single drop.

Yes. Raid windows:

  • Raid Time 1: 12:00 PM PDT – 04:00 PM PDT
  • Raid Time 2: 08:00 PM PDT – 12:00 AM PDT
  • Raid Time 3: 04:00 AM PDT – 08:00 AM PDT

More info:

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Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s annoying they only drop at certain times though, hard to do midweek with work etc

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My thoughts exactly. Happy to grind out and get the tokens, but man, doing the map is draining.

Only at 21k crutches, the cards are probably worth the effort but might give in once i’ve got my final 400 stretchers

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After converting those times it gives me a 1 hour window to raid :frowning:

I think you your going to need them for this one, I’m over half way there on natural energy only so far, ps only going for the paws not the 45k, pretty sure there is a raid tourney and will use cans then

Starts after the current SR.

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Grind as in re-running the map manually?

I’m only running the map (stage4) manually for as long as I have 5* fac helpers available (6 or 7), so around 13 times a day. The rest I blow all those salvage tokens on - I seem to poop those (rarely use them during my normal weekly gameplay), as the last event in this format I went down to slightly over 1k, yet I had well over 1.2k again for the Aftermath…

If you’re out of tokens, stage1 is comfortable auto T1 kill in 5 seconds and should average at 60 crutches per run, while stage4 is at 70 crutches… (stage 2 / 3 / 4 average out at 64 / 67 / 70 as condirmed on a 25 runs sample, the 60 for stage 1 is just an extrapolation)

Yes I’m running it manually. I used most of my tokens in the whisperer war event and I’m not wasting the ones I have left on a map that gives zero additional rewards other than crutches.

I am running stage 1 but even though it’s quick it still takes a lot of time to run it hundreds of times.

I’m not opposed to working for rewards but it’s not even fun. I’ve got my bear paws so probably gonna call it a day and just use what crutches I have.


Already bought radios and the watches. Currently need 20k more to finish. It’s soooo time consuming and really not worth the effort.

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Do we know if roadmap will refresh today?

Event ends with raid but no word about the roadmaps, in scopely-world this could mean end the drops 24hrs earlier than blackmarket.

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Just wondering that…

Imagine there will be one more map as the event is due to finish tomorrow, the market open for another 24hrs

End Date : Friday 9/18 12:00 PM PDT

The rm will prob end today cause they always allow 1 day to collect anything so whoever can get the rewards still incase noone can today the hunters log rm ended a day before the time but that is cause of what I stated above to give people time to collect

Also would of been nice to have more things for tourniquets cause what if people have less then 90 they will just go unused they should have other things for less

The collection in the market has 2 days and so many hours left, there will be one more map and then 24hrs to trade it all in, just the same as last week