After Trader, What Will Start Off The New Era?

For every strong s class, they almost always make a counter to it. Like for Priya, they made Aarav. For Mercer, they made Tiffany even though shes crap. Though, no guarantees might as well just wait

“Their goals are rigged for failiure” (Can’t quote on the phone).
Totally get this. Been collecting towards both Shiva and Frost Sclass when I can and getting pretty close. Then Trader was released and it completely burned all that time I was collecting towards them.
Storm will also destroy the ideas I had, but at least with Storm it will require the attacker to think about team composition and what attacks to make and where in raids and War. With Trader it’s a brain dead swipe left. I don’t mind being beaten by a player who has a well thought out team and attack plan but losing to a player who can just auto include 2 toons and swipe my characters to death with little thought kinda grinds my gears.


I was stuck in the failed logic of trying to win everything and trying to get the most OP team.

I’d always end up frustrated. If you get the OP team, in a matter of weeks it’s already outdated (doesn’t mean it’s useless).

Now, I just want to have fun with my friends. We still manage to get good prizes and place fairly well in crw. And at the end of the day, that’s the best goal you can aim for.


Thts always case people down play toon because they beat it in a not so optimal team…ive seen a sick add team with him. Pretty sure war towers will be something 30hp or 30def to red or some bs like that to push the narrative for everyone to get him.

You can still work towards Frost, his heal (and revive) is good against Trader and still good against non-Trader (and non-Storm/Aarav teams).
Shiva can be also extremely useful in a tanky team (wasn’t it you who described a perfect tanky team with her?). The only problem with the toons is, if you think they are the ultimate answer, they are not and definitely will be getting less ultimate with each new promo…

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Ohhh no kidding genius

eh, 1B is just as tough as 1A IMO. Lots of whales and way more populated

I’ve played in 1b and 1a … there is an insane difference based off how my faction did while in 1a compared to 1b so yeah I know what I’m talking about . Maybe there is a few Semi emphasized textretired whales in 1b still but nowhere near the competitiveness of 1a or the super op insane teams ‘ weapons everywhere

You make a good point and yeah that was me. I just feel a touch disillusioned having collected towards Pete, Frost and Shiva if they will be taken apart so easily and thoughtlessly by a single characters release.

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Any toon you have to collect for instead of buying will be obsolete by the time you get them.

Yep this is :100: … this is the new scopley making us think they are giving us a chance to collect toons but in reality it’s just a smoke show

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Easy counter argument to that is Arrav, Priya, Mercer; Princess.

For my, Kyle is still better than a lot of S-class released and he’s a 6*. It’s all about knowing which toons will benefit you and last long.

We’ve seen it happen twice, though. Priya and possibly a few other top tier toons were major factors in the 5* era ending. So were Doc Stevens and Zachary in the 6* era.

But how exactly does this earn Scopely more money than if they’d just go and chug out some 7* or G2 s-ranks after releasing one of, if not the most powerful character in the game?

Well, you don’t know if that’s true and it’s more likely that those eras ended partly because of the release of Priya, Doc Stevens and Zachary as I explained above. Paywalls have nothing to do with those eras ending.

I’ve already defined what I meant by “that ends this era”. Instead of arguing semantics we should just use that definition since I brought up the argument that he ends this era.

Okay, you’re assuming that they might. And I explained that they didn’t then so why would they now?

Well, I never said the best toons generally aren’t. I was just saying that calling a toon an s-rank a counter to another s-rank doesn’t really mean anything and that means you can’t just make money off of a toon because it counters another toon. My point still stands.

It’s not impossible but it’s unlikely that Scopely would do so in lieu of a roster reset. Also, do you realize how strong that toon would have to be? In how many months should this counter arrive?

That’s not what I asked. It’s obvious that Scopely loves money a lot and the route you think they might take isn’t going to earn them more money than releasing toons that are stronger than most of the ones that are released now.

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