After Trader, What Will Start Off The New Era?

Doc Stephens and Zachary ended the non-rankable 6* era. The Trader is most likely the toon that’ll end this current era. So how will Scopely create better toons?

My guess, Scopely will create Generation II rankables. Those Priyas and Mercers you got? Their values are probably going to plummet in less than 3 months.

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The SS Class


Well considering at some point free to play will be able to get him they will have to make some pay to play counter to him.

What I am interested in though is the next league toons we have this week and next week they this seasons over.


He is so easily countered by a quick healer though. He isn’t the end like you say he is


I dont think trader is that op … there are many ways to counter him …


You’re most likely not beating The Trader with just a quick healer. Unless Scopely decides to create another “regular” S-class toon that’ll get many people to spend hundreds, The Trader most likely is the end of this era.


When compared to most other toons, he is OP.

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Unlikely that it is the end of an era.

Unlike in the 5*/6* era, almost all S-class will be available for free in the future. (Exceptions being certain event/unique s-class, like Marlon/Sheila/Steve). Just like how they created Trader and his specialist skill, they can easily create another character in the future to counter Trader.

All the hard hitting blues are already out there all we need is a decent healer or early buffer

He won’t, scopely will just release a recover all penalties toon to render him obsolete

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Scopely gonna create a new toon soon with a 100% heal reduction resist + autohealing Leader Skill to counter all this infection going round. Then he’ll be be Fast and be able to give Camouflage to all with his active skill to counter all these Tough multitarget guys


Nope he was hyped and is a big pile of :poop:

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Why would s-classes being available for free in the future deter Scopely from creating a new iteration of toons? Also, in the 6* era there was a legacy system for FTP and that didn’t stop Scopely from creating S-class. Wouldn’t it be easier for Scopely to just “reset” everyone’s roster to increase cash flow instead of creating a character that can counter The Trader?

So which toons are better than The Trader?

Pete Aarav Princess Priya guo Raulito Angel Aaron shiva doc dale etc etc


I didn’t say it would. It would mostly make Trader not an exclusive character, like they have done in the past with 5*/6* promos.

5* era was plagued by RNG weapon and 5* Priya. Her kit allowed her to pretty much use her AR every other turn, confusing 3 enemies as well as holding a stun weapon. Scopely knew her value, hence she was never available for free or even in events until the 6* era.

6* era was plagued by a similar issue of overly strong promo characters that were almost never available via events. For those that were available in events, they were available at a very low chance. (Eg: Alert Beta from FA, Doc/Zach weren’t even available in events)

It’s important to note that the overly strong, as well as paid, characters from those eras gave free players little opportunity to improve. You either had to save up league coins to get lucky on the promo wheel, or wait for an event and hope you get lucky there too. Also, legacy 6*s were pumped out very slow compared to the promo toons, and they often did not help teams or were rare to obtain to begin with.

With the S-class era, there is 100% certain way for players to obtain the S-class of their choice overtime. Granted, it takes a while for newer S-class to be available via events/daily roadmap, and it also takes a while to grind up enough S-class shards, but there is a viable end-goal for all players.

As Scopely has shown with Tiffany being a possible counter to Mercer, Jacki being a counter to stun/confuse/Mercer meta, Trader being a counter to crowd control, they know that they can rake in money by creating a new character to help P2P players win better against others. So once more people start to obtain and use more Traders overtime, there is the need from P2P players to say, “I’ll pay for a counter to Trader.”

If they release a 7* character, then we’ll start to see the end of this era. The last or strongest S-class doesn’t make it the character “that ends this era”.

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Just nerf Dr Stevens? Surely that will solve the riddle of stonewalling…

But seriously the trader is not one of the 4 horseman.

Either you adapt and pardon the phrase “keep surving” as the majority of the player base does or you quit… nuke roster delete game and move on.

Realistically if played long enough you know how this game works… I like other continue to play an will no doubt until shut the game down.


With the Trader coming out now though, it has made me wonder what generation 2 S Class are going to look like? I do feel that Drip is on the right track here, and the trader is a bit of a “jump” in power from what we have been seeing recently. That’s just how I look at him.


This is laughable. No way this is the end of s classes.