After the update all i get in my raid wheel are low level bots


good for raid tournaments i guess but bad for raiding people for 135k food and materials.

also, the minimum food/wood from raiding was reduced from 18k to some random smaller amounts.


same here


All im seeing is erika lol


All Level 90 6*. So much Fun; Wohoo


I also had that for a few minutes. Then it went back to normal and updated my team grades.


Yeah my team grades in leagues have been updated to reflect their actual strength and that seems to have fixed it.


All my bots are now carl or erika all with shields and revives and perfect weapons so boring


I’m still having this issue, even after my actual team grade reflected in profile and getting the appropriate bonus on trophies. Raid matching seems really off, I get bots of 4-5* teams only.
Im a beta player if that changes anything.


create a brand new team and autofill it so you get the highest team rating you can, then it should sort itself. you’ll get the right team grade, bonus and raid matching


I had this issue until I leveled up one of my guys on the team and it went back to normal.


You’ll soon realize it’s not a bad thing come the solo league leaderboard, but yeah complain


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