After the 50% offer anything less is crap


I mean really why would anyone buy and not just wait. Not that I’d buy even the 50%, maybe at 1000% more I’d be game.


Because players are suckers


Yes and the sad part is that they end up like the rest of us, with great toons and a dead\dieing region.


I am one of those suckers. After a failed 6 ten pulls for bruce, after numerous failed pulls for Erika last week I’m done. Meanwhile I’m I forgot I told myself I would pull for bruce since I can’t even t4 my two shivas because I only have two sports gauntlets!!! Fml. :roll_eyes:


They will give gear sales too, no worries.


That bonus 50% coin offer was a one time thing I think. I never saw it before and don’t expect to ever see it again. I hadn’t spent for months before that offer and bought it and I won’t spend again unless the same or better offer comes again. I’m happy either way, saving money or getting the discount.


Tbh attacking is quite easy.

Defending is near impossible.

Even with premier toons so…is there any point spending?