After summer tokens and Plushies

This isn’t me complaining. Just voicing desires. However quiet that voice maybe, nonetheless. I hope after this bullshit with Summer Tokens and Plushies, We don’t get another unreachable collectible event. Seashells, Sombreros, Beach Balls, plushies. It’s all annoying. Lets go back to five start tokens as rewards. The wheel was recently updated so shouldn’t we get a chance to get some pulls from it. They’re are other ways than tournaments, yes but tournaments give out a set amount, making them reliable as long as you put in the work. collection events are cool though, as long as the rewards are worth it. I will complain and say romanov is doodoo though. Other than that, anybody pull anything good from the new 5* wheel? I pulled Ajax (dupe) and the Fast Glenn that I’ve wanted forever.


Nope RNG has been unfavourable for me in the new wheel, 8 pulls so far all 5star fodders and dupes until they increase thee chances to pull ascendable from the 5star wheel, well it will be a sad story! :man_shrugging:

Not yet no, haven’t pulled an ascendable of the 5* wheel since the last 2 updates of it

Wait can we talk about the seashells, sombreros, and beach balls event? Whatever happened to the leftovers? I thought we were supposed to receive supply depot points from it (correct me if I’m wrong), but we didn’t get anything.


I pulled camilla from 5 star tokens and denise from summer tokens. Far better than the wd event got nada. Got another rom I did not need lol

Nice. I really want that Denise!

You only get supply markers from the tokens, not the collectibles. If you still have summer tokens for example, they’ll be converted, maybe. The plushies will not.

I said maybe, because they haven’t been converting lately. Had to argue with support to get my WD tokens converted.

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